AN ATHLETE comes to a point where he thinks he has learned almost everything, plenty of techniques and strategies piled up in his arsenal, almost complete and indispensable.

Then a loss hits him like a lightning never expecting and never knowing what happened in a flash, sometimes untimely, unprecedented and in an awful fashion.

That is when he starts to assess himself and asks the phenomenal H and W’s questions that when he looks at the skills of the one who beat him he sees a simple skilled player who only has the basics in his arsenal.

When all hypotheses fail to explain the loss, realization and the one that is left would make sense is the basics, the only weapon used against a multi-skilled athlete.

This incidents and occurrences are relevant in many instances in many local, regional, national and international competitions where a little known athlete from a little known team or country upsets a superstar of the sport.

They sometimes call it a come from behind win that most of the time causes frenzy amongst the media and the fans and many loves an underdog winning over a favorite.

In the recently held 2014 Philippine National Games in Marikina, up and rising athletes have unseated many star players who are considered icons in their divisions mostly in the Individual dual sports particularly in the combative sports.

No new techniques were seen but one strategy was so obvious the use of the basics of the sports where given a life against the multi technique equipped athletes and to their surprise the basic came out victorious.

The basic as the foundation holds all the weight of every structure. When the foundation collapse, everything falls thus implicates the stronghold of the whole.

According to one of the coaches in Arnis during the recent 2014 PNG, their goal was simple, to use the basics and less of the fancy adding “during training we we’re faced with the dilemma on how to counter the techniques of the seasoned adversaries that we will face, but we decided to stick on what we are good at and hone it to our advantage, and what we have is just the basic so we pounded on it and thank God it worked, although we cannot beat them all but we definitely made them work for their worth which is a start and a start for us to see us through the next event.”

A simple and enlightening truth, which proves that too much of anything is bad, and when everything fails on top, look back to the base.