THE Pinoy Pride 26 set for tonight at the Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Cebu City is not only about world-class boxing but concrete concern and commitment as well.

The concern and commitment I refer to and shower on Tony and Michael Aldeguer, the father-and-son tandem that owns ALA Promotions.

Before ALA Promotions shacked up with ABS-CBN Sports to bring us the breakthrough Pinoy Pride that principally pits Filipino boxers against Mexico’s best and budding pugilists, Tony’s concern for the uplift of our boxers has become legend so that it has put to shame any philanthropic pitch ever spun in sports this side of the globe.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again anyway.

Long before throwing one’s support behind budding athletes has become fashionable, Tony Aldeguer was already into it in the Seventies yet. With his firm resolve to help aspiring boxers realize their dreams, Tony put up the ALA Promotions to train greenhorns become world champions – for free.

As quiet as the soundless crawl of an ant, Tony would plod on with his noble mission minus the usual fanfare and blinding glare of the spotlight.

Why the Philippine Sportswriters Association hasn’t recognized his immense contributions to the sport all this time brutalizes the yearly PSA Awards. But not to worry, fellas. Knowing Tony, any citation not going his way is the least of his worries. The more he is ignored, the more time—and money—he allots to help make the boxer’s lot better. Peerless on that.

Maybe, it is on that sterling credential that ABS-CBN anchored its decision to join forces with ALA Promotions to put up the Pinoy Pride only a while back. To Tony’s concern was added commitment as attested to by the duo’s continued partnership.

Pinoy Pride could not have gone this far without CoCo (concern & commitment) and, certainly, ningas cogon never crossed the minds of Tony and Gabby Lopez of ABS-CBN when the Pinoy Pride deal was sealed.

And, so, with tickets for tonight’s show reportedly selling like hotcakes, again, there’s but only one reason for that: A good product always sells. Like Pinoy Pride.