A 5-YEAR-OLD boy reportedly saw the Our Lady of Fatima image shed tears of blood in a chapel in Sitio Lagang, Barangay Ocaña, Carcar City last Sunday morning.

Junjun, (real name withheld) told his father Nelson about it and soon everybody in the neighborhood learned about it too. People started coming to the chapel the next day.

People swore they saw tears running down the image’s face and staining its dress.

Junjun’s mother said, “Pag Martes puwa-puwa pa iyang mata unya naay dugo sa iyang dughan dapit. Nag anam-anam nag kapapas ang dugo nga luha (sa iyang nawng) kay trapohan sa mga tawo (Last Tuesday, the image’s eyes were red and there was blood near her chest. The bloodstains in the image’s face are slowly disappearing since people keep wiping them dry).”


Barangay Captain of Ocaña, Bario Ramos, said that starting last Tueday, people visit the chapel to take photos and pray to the image.

He said there were about 250 to 300 people who visited the chapel last night.

“Nagkadugay, nagkadaghan ang tawo nga mobisita aron mag-picture ug mag-ampo (The image is attracting more and more people),” Ramos told Sun.Star Cebu, in a phone interview.


Episcopal vicar of the Cebu Archdiocese, Msgr. Esteban Binghay, said the phenomenon needs investigation.

“Dili tanang kahibulongan, milagro gikan sa Ginoo. Naay uban tungod sa panahon ang uban binuhat sa tawo (Not all unbelievable things are miracles from God. Some happen because of the weather, some are man’s creation),” Binghay told Sun.Star.

Binghay said the phenomenon should be consistent, perseverant and should have a message to become a miracle of God.

“Kita man gud mga Pilipino curious kaayo ta. We should wait for other signs and for some message,” he said. (Janelle Paula Blaire L. Arcayos, USJ-R Mass Com Intern)