ANGELES CITY -- An official of the City Environment and Natural Resources Officer (Cenro) on Friday said the volume of garbage sent to the central material recovery facility (MRF) here has significantly decreased since the implementation of the waste segregation program last March.

Cenro head Francis Pangilinan, during the solid waste management board meeting, said his office has "evaluated what our waste segregation program has accomplished and what we must do after."

"If we would compare the volume of garbage before the program, we have seen a decrease in the volume of garbage starting March and April of more or less, 20 percent, or if we would quantify it, it would be about 1,000 tons," Pangilinan said.

He added that even in the barangay level, they are for the waste segregation program.

"The decrease has been continuous and there are now more barangays that are doing waste segregation. There are also barangays that have their own MRFs within their community, though some do not have because of the lack of space," Pangilinan said.

Meanwhile, the Cenro has proposed an ordinance to the City Council that encourages barangays to create environmental police and impose fines, which would go to the barangay or be divided to enforcers or local folk who apprehend violators.

Pangilinan said revision in the current ordinance -- where fines are remitted to City Treasurer's Office -- could help people to be observant and vigilant.

"Through that, we could create the inertia for the citizens to be observant. That's why we provide an incentive to those who work hard," he said. (Ashley Dela Peña)