YES, there is art in the word heart. Art also resides in it for there will always be love and appreciation for the beautiful, subjective in may be. If you like art and have the heart for it, go to where it resides—at Got Heart Community Shop.

It’s the new place at The Peak of the Gaisano Mall where everything made by heart can be found, admired, taken home, if your heart so desires. Got Heart is where the homegrown artists, the well known and the blossoming, found a new home to hang their masterpieces in an address where a larger population of art lovers (even those who haven’t discovered that they are) can feast their eyes on.

The artworks on display are impressive. Kublai Milan’s Dalisaya series, a vast collection of Mindanao flora on canvases that exude optimism and happiness, brighten up the room, Jeff Bangot and Antonio Cadayona III’s works capture the joy of children at play, Jun Cayas’ socio-economic observations of the locale can be visualized though his artworks, Stella Estremera interprets East meets West, Victor Dumaguing renders the local tribal figures in brighter hues, Jon Traya sculpted out of reclaimed woods a collection of functional art pieces, and Melissa Yeung’s collage of patterns is painted like she embroiders a playful mix of brightly colored threads on tapestry.

But Got Heart Community Store is more than just an art gallery. It’s also a foundation. Melissa Yeung, one of the artists featured in the exhibit, is the woman behind the Got Heart shops in the country says that Got Heart taps into the strengths of local communities and give them opportunities for entrepreneurship, a home that practices fair trade. It works with indigenous communities and develops their products to ‘Class A’ market level.

Check our Got Heart at The Peak, Gaisano Mall. It’s the shop with a heart.


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