PSYCHOLOGY Volunteers on Bikes, a group of psychology graduates from the University of the Philippines who love cycling, is urging bike enthusiasts and those who rely on bicycles for mobility to join the public hearing on the proposed bike lane ordinance of Cebu City.

The public hearing on June 25 will tackle the proposal to establish shared bike lanes and bike-friendly zones in Cebu City.

City Councilor Nida Cabrera, proponent, said the establishment of Tindak Sugbo lanes—to be located at the rightmost portion of the road—can be funded by Cebu City’s Annual Investment Plan (AIP).

She proposed that one percent of the total AIP be allotted for the implementation of the ordinance.

If approved, the Department of Public Works and Highways and the City Traffic Operations Management (Citom) will be tasked to establish the bike lanes and necessary signs.


It will also require bicycle owners to obtain a permit, bike license plate and registration.

Commercial establishments and other structures for public use will also be required to provide bike racks for parking. Business owners who fail to comply may lose their business permit.

The proposed ordinance also seeks to penalize any person who obstructs bike lanes and motorized vehicle driver who comes too close to a cyclist using the bike lane.

Penalties range from a fine P500 to P1,500. (LAP)