A RETIRED soldier was shot dead by two unidentified men riding in tandem on a motorcycle in Barangay Lawaan 1, Talisay City last week.

Police believe that a property dispute was the motive behind the shooting.

Roman Hermosada, a 68-year-old former soldier, was heading home on a tricycle after food-shopping at the Tabunok Public Market last June 17.

Before Hermosada reached home, the men approached the tricycle and shot him.

Hermosada sustained multiple gunshot wounds from the assailant's automatic KG-9 pistol.

Hermosada was armed with a .45 caliber pistol but failed to use it against his attackers.

Personnel of the Talisay Emergency and Rescue Assistance Team (TREAT) brought Hermosada to the Talisay District Hospital but he did not survive.

SPO1 Mikie Espina, one of the investigators of the case, revealed that one of the angles they are looking at is the dispute between Hermosada and his brother.

Hermosada, who retired from active army service two years ago, had a long-standing spat with his brother, Simplicio, over the ownership of a property inherited from their parents.

Espina told Sun.Star Cebu the brothers' feud divided the family.

It escalated when Simplicio and his children reported to the Talisay City Police Station that Hermosada was threatening them.

For his part, Hermosada filed a civil suit against Simplicio over the ownership of their parents' property.

Espina also said that it was not the first time someone tried to kill Hermosada.

Last February, two unidentified men also tried to shoot Hermosada. (JKV)