SIX months after they started working together in "Mirabella", Enrique Gil and Julia Barretto said they have become much closer to each other.

The two ABS-CBN stars have discovered that they have a lot of things in common and they both have a penchant for eating.

"When I ever see her before, hindi ko siya kilala, so she's just quiet, tahimik lang and hindi ko siya nakakausap. But now she's super different, sobrang saya niyang kasama," Gil said of the actress during the pocket press conference for San Marino Corned Tuna.

"In a way parang she's like one of the guys. But she's also prim and proper and very sweet. She's a spunky little thing," he added.

Barretto, for her part, said Gil came out what she expected him to be -- funny, sweet and easy to get along with.

"When you first see Quen, he really seems like a nice guy. His face kasi is parang good boy and when you know him, he actually is. He's very genuine and nice. He has a very makulit side talaga," he added.

When asked if there is a chance for them to fall in love with each other, the two smiled and did not dismiss the said possibility.

Gil said anything is possible but they want to take things slow.

Meanwhile, the two also gave their two cents on the support their love team is getting from their fans.

The 22-year-old actor said things are much okay now because they don't receive as much bashing as compared to when they started the new team up.

"First it was really shaky because of the fans, parang they were not used to it kasi it’s new. Feeling ko naman ganun naman lagi if there’s something new and people are not used to it. Hindi pa sila sanay and as time go by, na-accept na din," Gil said.

Barretto added that it was normal to get negative comments from some people but they hope others are okay now with their love team.

"Some people will not like it and some will do and that's normal. Even you enter the business, you are supposed to know better, accept the fact that there are some that you can never please and I grow up with it, so it's not a surprise," he said.

"Mirabella" is now down to its last three weeks on ABS-CBN. (Sunnex)