ALL is set for the celebration of the 3rd Dia de Fundacion de Chabacano (3rd Chabacano Foundation Day) on Monday, June 23.

Zamboanga City Tourism Officer Sarita Sebastian-Hernandez said the celebration will kick off with commemorative ceremony at the Plaza Rizal in front of City Hall.

City Ordinance 374 authored by councilor Vincent Paul Elago officially recognizes the Dia de Fundacion de Chavacano and celebrates the founding of the Chabacano language, one of the foundations of the Zamboangueño culture. It is celebrated every 23rd of June.

The celebration is an initiative of the local government to commemorate and celebrate the Chabacano language.

Mayor Ma. Isabelle Climaco-Salazar will keynote the celebration while Councilor Elago will deliver an inspirational message.

Officials from the local and national government agencies, barangay officials, school officials, and other organizations are invited to attend the ceremony.

The Chabacano language traces its roots to the laying of the first cornerstone of the Fort Pilar by the Spanish colonizers on June 23, 1635.

Chabacano was borne out of necessity of an admixture of tribes, races and culture and out of it evolved a distinct language that is 60 percent Spanish in origin and 40 percent native words and survived to this very day.

The 3rd Dia de Fundacion de Chabacano will conclude with the Concurso de Banda (Battle of the Bands) at 7 p.m. at the Paseo del Mar grounds. (Bong Garcia)