ONE of City Mayor Pamintuan’s hidden virtues is his patience.

But Angeles residents now wanted their chief executive to end his patience and go hammer and tong against the Department of Public Works and Highways whose regional director has been ignoring citizens’ frantic call for DPWH-R3 to hasten its projects in the city.

Business leaders said it was time for Mayor Ed to discard his diplomatic approach to the pestering problems of unfinished public works contracts. DPWH Regional Director Antonio Molano has been perceived to be giving the city government the run-around in its appeal. The persistent demand that Molano show a sense of urgency in implementing his agency’s projects in the city has been largely ignored, if not given last priority, it was reported in the papers.

Barangay officials declared they were ready to mount a huge protest-demo against Molano’s apathetic and hostile attitude. A city executive said it was high time to ask the relief of Molano from his post. “He can be declared persona non grata,” suggested their league president.

Pamintuan, meanwhile, has got tired and sick of his repeated and unheeded appeal to Molano to fast track completion of half-finished and projects being done willy-nilly. Molano was perceived to ignore and make short shrift of the mayor’s numerous appeals for accelerated action on the Pandan-Magalang road widening which has been punishing commuters and residents for its messy status and condition. He keeps finding scapegoat for his poor performance in this vital infrastructure.

Barangay captains wanted Rep. Yeng Guiao to blacklist the defaulting DPWH contractors from future projects in the lst District.

A city councilor asked the Ombudsman to conduct a probe on public works anomalies in the region, citing DPWH’s toleration of erring favoured contractors for huge Pinatubo projects. Five witnesses have volunteered to prove Molano’s friendly and supportive attitude to certain “kapuso” contractors, including the laggard firm handling the troubled Pandan road project.


Convicts and detainees in various jails, especially the Bilibid, were reported to be in joyful and inspired mood with the detention of one senator and the imminent incarceration of two others and 5l suspect conspirators.

The rumor is that the leading jail gangs of the country volunteered- and gladly welcome- adoption proceedings to the three “cosas”.

Like the traditional practice at the PMA, the prison gangs would adopt a celebrity “cosa” of their choice. For instance, Senator Enrile “alias Tanda” can be made a honorary member of the Sputnik Gang.

Sen. Revilla “alias Pogi” may be adopted member of the Oxo-Sigue Sigue while Sen. Estrada “alias Seksi” will be enrolled with Batang City Jail. Well-known tattoo artists may be commissioned to do the logo-artwork on their bodies.

Ms. Janet Lim Napoles, alleged Scam Queen and the richest cosa of them all cannot be tattooed. “E kung dumugo ng dumugo ‘yan, maguing problema na naman ni P-Noy,” a jail grapevine quipped.