MOST people would choose to delve on non-essentials, on trivialities and frivolities rather than deal with simple truth. Why is this so? Why is there so much fear of what is factual and bare to behold, when nothing is hidden from view? Why are there so much misgivings and dread to see the light of day?

Is it because what is true hurts the psyche more than the physical? Such is what usually happen when a person takes her/his own life into her/his hand. The pain could be too much to bear in their conscience such that it is easier to end it all! Intolerance, if not cowardice, as unaffected people would probably see such acts of self-destruction.

Or it just could be plain depletion of the power and the will to live.

Tackling the story of the genocide that scarred humanity for the rest of our earthly lives, Steven Spielberg was once quoted to have said that most people love his films or his anime that characterize human power and weaknesses. But when his film depicted the naked truth in Schindler’s’ List, so many people strongly reacted on particular scenes where the Jews where openly oppressed.

But what with our humanity when presented in its ‘birthday suit’ could likewise provoke strong negative reaction, and it is because society has attached a kind of malice that dictates on our collective conscience. This however is so rooted in the development of human existence through the centuries prevailed on by a system that has control over how people should act and even think.

That is why foremost among the means of controlling mechanism that effectively dictates what ‘must’ be, the standards and norms that we carry in our individual capacities and continuously instilled in us through the use of institutions such as the educational system and the mass media, to mention a few, in our society…

Often times, because of this means of control, including the values passed on by our parents to us, we are left us bereft of any appreciation for our own self. We even tend to see our humanity differently, comparing it to other people and in the process hating how we look and feel.

That is why it is necessary to learn how to appreciate our own person, to understand ourselves and see beyond our weaknesses and negativities. We are products of a society that favors the few powerful individuals who cash on our humanity and make us dependent on their ‘benevolence.’ We are made to believe that we cannot do without the ‘superheroes’ created by the cunning and whim of the powerful few. Thus, humanity is reduced to consuming miniatures that feed on scraps thrown our way like dogs that look up to their masters.

Truth is, each of us is equipped with reason and intellect closely patterned to that of the great Creator. This is the kind of truth that the unscrupulous do not want us to realize because that would mean an awakening of the human spirit and the appreciation of our own self, our own will and the indomitable power of the spirit.

And when this happens, it would signal the appearance of little crevices that would eventually lead to the crumbling of the walls of the giant edifices, and an astounding fall.