WHO would have thought that the best reality-based TV show in the world can be found in our country? That this show is worth to be awarded for the best accolades the TV industry should give!

I have to admit that even though I am very skeptic and disgusted on some reality-based shows because of its overkill exaggeration (yes, it’s a redundance of disgust), pretentiousness and insincerities, (hello Pinoy Biggest Loser and PBB!), however, there are still few that I genuinely enjoy because of the no-nonsense elements (“rawness” is one, although I still leave a room for a possibility that some parts may be staged, because you know – television).

But shame on my favorite reality show programs for they have no match on the freshly produced real-time show that’s even happening as of this writing.

This new reality show is an instant success, although not the first time, but the technological breakthrough and power of the modern mass media have made it a worldwide phenomenon.

And this I thank to no less than the “honorable” Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., true to his calling as an actor (I did like his 90s “Panday”), he moved the nation into a one big boob tube combined with all the method acting he must have mastered over the years as a celebrated showbiz personality.


Most of the people have cried foul over the “special treatment” in the detention facility of Sen. Revilla (and other Senators who will soon join him in detention). Again, this is not new as “special” prisons with hospitable food and accommodation services are being offered to big-time offenders with big-time names and bank accounts.

In order to rest this case why can’t the government make these special considerations to all inmates nationwide instead?

In regular prison or detention cells, inmates suffer in overcrowded spaces, hygiene and sanitary issues and even adequacy in food and water supplies (and imagine how others whine about the hot room temperature and sleeping with rats and cockroaches).

Why can’t common prisoners get the same treatment like Revilla and other elites before him? If they don’t want to suffer the prison life with other folks in normal facilities, might as well let these common folks share the pleasure with the privileged ones. But obviously this can’t happen in our lifetime. Another sad reality of our society.


Hope may not be lost for Sen. Revilla, incidentally in some parts of the world, the Internet nation went gaga over a mugshot of a gangster accused of weapons and gang charges because of his good looks that can be printed in glossy magazines. Incidentally Revilla smiled when he was taken a mugshot, let’s hope that when the Philippine National Police in Camp Crame shares his photo online, he can get more than the number of likes and shares the gangster’s petty-boy face had.

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