EVERY so often, we put ourselves in a position where we're inundated with so much browser tabs. So much so that we suffocate ourselves with it. Too much, too many at one given time. And when this happens, we have this utopian dream of being able to literally have a hand in managing these browser tabs.


We want to manage it like we manage those yellowish folders in a file cabinet. We wish that we can flip through those using our dirty little fingers. We wish.

In some ways though, that wish has been granted.

This week, I've collected several articles, all from Lifehacker, to help you and me with our browser tabs conundrum.

But first, do you ever wonder why your computer slows down to a crawl when you have lots of those tabs opened at the same time?

"Open enough browser tabs and it doesn't matter whether you're running Chrome or Firefox or IE or Safari or Opera: your system is going to slow down and eventually your browser will crash altogether, quite possibly bringing your entire environment down with it. Quite aside from that performance drama, there are at least four obvious reasons why having multiple tabs open is pointless."

Read more of that in this article - "Why You Should Never Have More Than Nine Browser Tabs Open".

Conversely, it's actually also okay to have a lot of tabs open. The premise - make sure you're able to manage them all properly.

Here's the article on that - "It's Okay to Open More Than Nine Browser Tabs; Here's How to Easily Manage Them".

That last article contains a lot of tips and tricks that can help you well with your tab management tasks. There are even a lifehacks in there to make you more productive.

On a more tab-centric approach though, here's another article that can help. It's a bit of a long read for most but take the time. Believe me, the return of time investment on this will be big.

Read up on how to Master Your Browser's Tabs with These Tricks and Extensions here.

Oh! Before I finally wrap up, here's a great add-on that I just read up on for Google Chrome - The Great Suspender. Basically, it "shuts down" tabs when you're not using it so it won't have to eat up your system memory and make your system crawl. Click here for the short write-up and the download link for it.

Top image from Lifehacker - www.lifehacker.com.