“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” -- John 8:32

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” -- Proverbs 18:22

SEN. Jinggoy Estrada promised to surrender quietly, and he did yesterday, to his father Manila Mayor Erap Estrada. It was his second detention; he was jailed in 2012 also for plunder.

A few days ago, former Talisay City mayor and widower Soc Fernandez married again, to a woman named Monalisa at a ceremony that landed in the news pages.

Both Jinggoy and Soc were seeking something: the senator, truth and his freedom; the city councilor, a wife and his happiness.

At least, that's what, from the scriptures each quoted, the public thinks they're looking for.

No doubt about Soc knowing what the wife represents; a Catholic "defender," he can explain and argue on any biblical chapter or verse.

In the Bible, the wife theoretically is happiness or the "good thing" God brings in marriage. Never mind the unions are at times showered with more woes than bliss.


Being not openly devout, Jinggoy must allude to the non-religious meaning of the truth setting a person free, which is as literal as can be: when facts about the multibillion-peso scam are sorted out, the courts will absolve him and spring him from jail.

He probably doesn't mean closeness to God that frees one from slavery of sin. He could still experience it though if, assuming he's guilty, he'd atone for his sin and wish to be forgiven.

But maybe not. Hasn't he repeatedly said he's innocent?