THE Cebu City Rivers Management Council (CCRMC) issued a cease-and-desist order against the construction of a retaining wall that Chong Hua Hospital is building.

CCRMC Chair Jose Daluz III said the construction had to be stopped because it encroached on the Guadalupe River.

The wall seems to be in the middle of the river.

Daluz said there was misinterpretation in the construction of the retaining wall.

Instead of having the wall repaired, another retaining wall was constructed as a reinforcement.

Atty. Dean Decal of Chong Hua Hospital said CCRMC asked them to stop the construction early this month and the hospital respected that.

The construction was halted since the order was received.

Daluz said he received word from the hospital that it will not continue the construction until the issue will be resolved.

The former councilor said an agreement between the Cebu City Government and Chong Hua Hospital has to be penned before construction can resume.

Decal said the Office of the Building Official already gave the hospital clearance for the construction but with a provision that a clarification be issued by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)-Central Visayas.

Decal also said that CCRMC initially recommended the demolition of the retaining wall but hospital management sought the advice of DPWH.

Daluz clarified that the retaining wall will not be demolished.

In a meeting with DPWH-Central Visayas representatives, Daluz said CCRMC agreed to a compromise.

The wall will be repaired according to a standard set by the national agency and the management council.

"Ni-recommend sila nga pakpakun ang curve ug dili lang kaayo patas-on ang wall aron lig-on ang foundation (DPWH 7 recommended to chip off the curve and to limit the height of the wall for a more sturdy foundation)," Daluz said of the initial agreement between CCRMC and DPWH-Central Visayas.

Another meeting will be called to discuss the result of an upcoming ocular inspection. (Zash del Pilar, USJ-R Mass Com Intern)