THE Philippines Statistics Authority-Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (PSA-BAS) reported that there has been an increase in the retail price of garlic at P380 per kilogram since Friday.

Based on the monitoring of PSA-BAS, the price of garlic in Bankerohan Public Market remained at P350/kg to 380/kg since Friday.

PSA-BAS said, based on their monitorings, retailers are saying that the cause of the significant increase in the price of garlic was due to the "lack of supply."

Despite the significant increase in the prices of garlic, other basic commodities remain stable.

The price of well-milled rice increased from P43/kg to P47/kg, regular milled rice went up from P37/kg to P42/kg, and NFA rice prices rose from P27/kg to P32/kg.

The price of meat and poultry products are as follows: pork liempo P180/kg to P185/kg, pork lean meat P170 to P175/kg, beef lean meat P220/kg, beef with bones P180, dressed chicken P112/kg to P115/kg, and chicken egg P4.50 to P5.

The price of selected fish products: bangus went from P110/kg to P120/kg, galunggong went up to P130/kg from P120/kg , and tilapia rose from P90/kg to P110/kg.

The price of selected vegetables per kilo include: ampalaya from P60 to P70, sitao from P25 to P30, cabbage from P30 to P40, carrots from P60 to P70, habitchuelas from P30 to P35, tomato from P30 to P35, red onion from P60 to P70, white potato from P70 to P80, eggplant from P20 to P25, and pechay from P60 to P70.

The price per kilo of selected fruits also went up, including lakatan banana from P38 to P40, latundan from P28 to P30, calamansi from P40 to P50, papaya from P20 to P25, and carabao mango from P35 to P45.