THE Iloilo City Council unanimously approved the general fund supplemental budget for 2014 amounting to P72.73 million.

City Council chairman Eduardo Penaredondo of the appropriations committee said the amount will be spent for the construction of a multi-purpose hall, including the third floor of the City Hall worth some P1 million; development fund projects worth P27.6 million; development fund projects in the barangays worth P5 million; peace and order worth P19.7 million; confidential and intelligence expenses with P5.9 million; purchase of computers for the civil registrar’s office worth P1.5 million; and purchase of filing steel cabinets for the beautification program and others.

The supplemental budget will be mostly taken from the 2013 budget surplus of P39.7 million except from development fund, while other funds will come from the unimplemented projects and unexpended balance of P13.2 million; excess balance amount not used in the purchase of lots amounting P6.8 million; not utilized funds for lot purchase amounting P7.5 million; 20 percent development fund not used amounting P13.2 billion, unexpended funds of BAC from the first supplemental budget, among others.