PRESIDENT Noy does not need to explain the non-inclusion of singer actress Nora Aunor in the National Artist awards.

As president, he has the sole prerogative to include or exclude a nominee to the coveted awards. And he does not have to provide explanation for his choices.

Fanatic supporters of Nora are raising a storm to protest their idol’s failure to land the award. These people fail to appreciate the President’s apparent disinterest in local films and talents in the industry, although he is occupied with the problem of two actors-senators in the PDAF scam.

Certainly P-Noy is no fan of Nora as he is inclined to be partial to Vilma (Batangas governor Santos). The two actresses have a long history of rivalry, having once divided the nation into Noranians and Vilmanians. Judging from his former girl friends, P-Noy does not go for native-looking dark-complexioned girls. He likes the taller and fairer kind.

I suspect the chief executive is secretly a Vilmanian, the fact that her husband, Sen. Ralph Recto is a staunch ally of Mr. Aquino.

Politics is not bigger reason why Nora was dropped from the awards. The real reason is P-Noy prefers child actors than the adult ones. For instance, the only rare occasion when he went to a public viewing of a movie was the premiere of “My Little Bossings” starring his nephew Bimby Yap and Raisa Mae Dizon.

He was reported elated and in fun mood while watching the comedy film. Under the circumstances, Ms. Aunor has no chance to win the President’s favour, not even with a dozen “Himala”.

Even the garrulous spokespersons of Malacanang would not advance personal or official justification of the President’s action or non-action on Nora’s nomination to the award.

The Palace would not divulge P-Noy’s reason in refusing Nora’s entry to the scroll of honor. But the tabloids, known to sensationalize things and events, cited morality, gender, and integrity as constraints to Nora’s winning.

Not too long in the past, Ms. Aunor was reported to have married a girl partner in a civil ceremony in the US. There, she was also jailed and sentenced for a drug offense. She was known to be a respondent in tax evasion cases at the BIR. Nora was also identified as celebrity endorser of Gloria Macagagal Arroyo in 2003.

Her supporters said morality has nothing to do with the awards. What is paramount is her brilliance, outstanding performance, and genuine artistic talent, they said.

But Mr. Aquino seems to be rigid in his compliance to his “Daang Matuwid.” One may be the best talent in painting, in music, in literature, in dance, in singing or acting, but if your integrity is under question, as in Ms. Aunor’s, you do not deserve a national artist award which pays some P100,000 monthly stipend for life.

Between Nora Aunor and Raiza Mae Dizon, you can guess where the President’s support and laughter go.