THE committee on peace and public safety of the 17th City Council is set to invite Davao City businessmen during the third committee hearing on the proposed amendment of the existing closed-circuit television (CCTV) ordinance.

Councilor Edgar Ibuyan Sr., chair for the committee, said the committee will take down the concerns of the businessmen in the city regarding the proposed amendment—revocation of business permits and high resolutions of the CCTV cameras.

Ibuyan said they are yet to schedule the third committee hearing. He also said the committee already ironed out the amendment during its first and second committee hearings.

He said they have already discussed the things that Duterte wanted to emphasize in the ordinance.

Duterte earlier cautioned the Council that the ordinance might violate the right to privacy.

Ibuyan said the ordinance only mandates business establishments to install up CCTV cameras in lobbies, parking spaces, entrances and exit gates, pools, corridors and the like.

CCTV cameras are prohibited in private rooms, bathrooms, toilets, internal offices and working areas.