I THINK that of all the people who were ill and got cured only citizen Tomas Osmeña is advertising it. Maybe some of them gave testimonies but not to the extent of advertising these in newspapers. The other day, a full-page ad came out in Sun.Star Cebu and in other local dailies about Tomas’s present physical condition.

The ad, with the pictures of Tomas, his wife Margot and son Miguel in it, showed the certification by Dr. Arlene Siefker-Radtke, associate professor of the Department of Genito-urinary Medical Oncology of the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas that Tomas is “essentially cured” of cancer after his operation there in 2009.

This is the same print ad that came out sometime in April following Osmeña’s visit to the hospital for his annual medical checkup. He claimed he was given a clean bill of health by his doctors.

What is Tomas's agenda? If he is cured like what the hospital official certified, then so what?

But wait. Where is the original medical certification from his attending physicians? What did his doctors really observe in him? Dr. Radtke said that “it has been a pleasure being involved in your care.” Meaning that, she was not really Tomas's attending physician. Maybe she was just a member of the team.

Anyway, why argue about that? If Tomas is “essentially cured,” then he should be happy because God has given him another chance. But I think there is no need to announce that to the whole world.

Again, what is Tomas’s intention? To inform the Cebuano community that he is still capable of running for mayor in 2016 against Mayor Mike Rama? To prod Mike to also advertise a denial that he has prostate cancer? Or is he claiming that he is cured even if he has something more serious? Tomas is said to be drinking again despite the advice of his doctors and his wife not to do it.

When former dictator Ferdinand Marcos was ill and his wife, Imelda, was reportedly running the affairs of the state, he was forced to appear on television to deny rumors that he was bedridden. This was also the case with Fidel Castro of Cuba. Castro's camp released a photo of the communist leader holding a newly issued newspaper to show that he was not seriously ill.

Aw, kun naayo si Tomas, di naayo gud. Angay pa ba gud na nga ipanghambog? Kay naayo na man kaha, hinaut unta nga magbag-o ug mag-usab na siya sa iyang batasan ug dili na arogante nga morag ang tanang tawo iya na lang saop ug ulipon.


Gov. Hilario “Junjun” Davide IIII has replaced Provincial Attorney Orvi Ortega as chairman of the provincial bids and awards committee (BAC). Davide appointed provincial administrator Mark Tolentino as chairman of the new BAC, which merged the BAC infrastructure and BAC goods and services.

But Ortega is still a member of the committee and is its vice chairman. Jone Siegfred Sepe, officer-in-charge of the Provincial General Services Office, has also been retained.

If I were the governor, I would fire Ortega and Sepe for destroying the image of the anti-corruption campaign because of that controversial first bidding for the security provider at the Capitol.

Would Black Pearl Security Agency have taken over the post without someone assuring it that the contract would be awarded to it ? I was informed that it was Ortega and Sepe who made that assurance to Black Pearl.

I would like to emphasize again that there is a provision in the implementing rules and regulations of the Government Procurement Reform Act or Republic Act 9184 that states: a member of the BAC should have unquestionable integrity and procurement efficiency.

To Sepe and Ortega, please examine your conscience if you are morally qualified to sit as BAC members considering what you did in the first bidding. Magpakatotoo kayo.