VINCE Rojo earned his third consecutive KT expert leg title this season, bolstering his bet to be Karter of the Year.

Rojo dashed to the finish line to stamp victory over his older brother Joseph Rojo in the third leg of the 2014 Kartzone Superkart Series last Sunday in Panagdait.

Vince clocked 11 minutes and 53.659 seconds in the final heat on 25 laps of .6-kilometer per lap. Joseph, who gave his younger brother a run for his money, crossed the finish line in 11:54.141 and placed second. Sean Velasco came at 11:56.071 to round the top three.

Race organizer Kym Limgenco said the siblings were neck-and-neck in most of the heats.

“Although Vince won all three heats, Joseph did not let his younger brother break away from him,” said Limgenco.

Reigning Karter of the Year Jette Calderon, on the other hand, decided to skip the third leg for the National Series in Pasay City.

With the recent results, Vince is way on top of the Karter of the Year standing with 160 season points, followed by Jarond Mesina with 99, Velasco is in third place with 89, Liam Sacal tallied 86, Joseph who did not race in leg one has raked at 75, and Calderon who rank second before leg three drops to fifth with 69.

Other winners in the third leg are Frederick Cortes (13:09.917) who reigned in the formula honda, Lord Seno (13:16.296) came second, and Norris See (13:16.690) placed third. Keon Romoff (6:11.567) won in the sq cadet, followed by Seven Aleman (6:21.368) and Khaz Romoff (6:39.448). RSC