INVOKING the will of God is often ascribed as a leader summoning the highest of virtues. In the olden times when Kings would say “as God as my witness” it is a submission to an even higher authority, perhaps alluding to form credibility. It isn’t also a surprise that the oath that is often sworn in trials mentions the same credo, God as the witness presupposes the highest of witnesses, and commands truth and respect from any who may want to test the authority or the credibility of the person.

Senator Revilla now faces the certainty of trial, whether he is innocent or not will be revealed as this monumental trial unfolds, it can be said that we often never encounter trials of this magnitude, sure we’ve had Joseph Estrada face impeachment, but Three Senators is another story, and more so the man they call “Panday” or “Kap”, the one who not too long ago blazed his way to 20 million votes for his senate seat. But the parade of the inglorious privilege speech isn’t over, now Revilla once again put up a grand exit complete with the cast of his family sobbing, and perhaps the greatest of all witnesses the proverbs in his shirt, the mantra of truths.

It reads, Psalm 118:6 "The LORD is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?", hold that thought for a while, perhaps in the innocence of Revilla he is simply alluding to the strength of his faith, and to the credibility of his person. But clearly these proceedings are not machinations of evil? There is substantial doubt to be had that Revilla along with Enrile and Estrada are guilty of the massive corruption case they are about to face, so to say the Lord is on any side, I think the Lord should be on the side of truth. Whether by absolute beyond reasonable doubt Revilla is innocent we will have to know, but it is painfully arrogant to watch the Senator use this as a shield to paint his innocence, only to carefully accuse the other side as not on Gods side.

Secretary De Lima calls this “monumental” and rightfully so, even without any conviction I think the fact that we can extract procedure from our Senators is already a sign that the cogs of justice in this country are beginning to move, the once heralded and invincible senate seat is now tested. Who would have thought that in the lifetime of Enrile, Jinggoy and Bong they’d face these proceedings?

And these trying times God does certainly become the witness, perhaps not only to those gallant enough to wear the shirt, but even to those who will in due time stand in trial to face the behemoths of our senators and their lawyers, they too deserve some credibility. In the end this trial will not be judged by the public, but it will be judged by the courts, and during those times, let us hope God is on the side of none, but only on the side of truth.