IN LIGHT of all the recent killings in the city, it is good to see that authorities are working to swiftly bring justice for the families of the bereaved. Progress on the cases of Ramon Teodoro Garcia and Richard King is steady, as anyone seeking justice would hope.

While we are all glad get answers on how investigations on these cases are going, however, it also leaves us all once again wondering if the speed in which these cases are being dealt with is due to them being “big” cases.

Efforts are being exhausted to see a definite conclusion to “big” cases but a slew of other cases take a backseat due to this.

Cases with similar circumstances take years to progress, but few see resolution as fast as perceived “big cases” do. Although the notion of the law being fair is usually mentioned in the context of the richer winning cases over the poor, it also seems to apply to how authorities see how important one’s cases are. Updates on cases regarding people with big names nearly have updates every day, while the everyman’s case usually takes forever to resolve. It’s not bad that “big” cases see quick resolution, it’s just disappointing that other cases with similar circumstances don’t get the same amount of respect.

It’s said that all humans, when buried, are equal. For our justice systems, however, it seems they’re yet to see cases of dead people as equal.