AFTER two months of successful airing on Philippine TV, GMA Network’s hit Koreanovela My Love from the Star will air its final episode on June 30.

My Love from the Star captured the interest and captivated the hearts of Filipino viewers as it presents an extraordinary love story about two people coming from different worlds with a mixture of romance, comedy, and science fiction.

The sweet chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun who plays Matteo, the alien heartthrob, and Jeon Ji Hyun who portrays Steffi, the human superstar, also added flavor to its one-of-a-kind story.

This phenomenal Koreanovela series has truly become a part of the Filipino viewers’ everyday lives as they got hooked on My Love from the Star’s engaging episodes, which proves that it is a big hit not only in China, Malaysia, and Singapore, but also in the Philippines.

Last week, it became a much-talked about topic on Twitter again as the hashtags AntiAgingSteffi, SongbirdSteffi, and MLFTSOfficialFirstDate trended worldwide, while the hashtags SteffiCheon, KimSooHyun, MatteoDo, MLFTSTheSacrifice, and MLFTSWeddingBells trended nationwide.

Don’t miss the much-anticipated final episode of the hit Koreanovela My Love from the Star right after Jewel in the Palace. (PR)