I AM going to make a baaaaad joke. But here goes. As this column goes to bed, Friday the 27th, two talking heads are featured in the UPB College of Arts and Communication Talastasan Lecture series.

One talking head is the dean of the College of Arts and Communication, Anna Christie Torres, PhD. She heads up said college and her talk is “Commodization and the OFW Phenomenon in Contemporary Philippine Children’s Stories.” It’s a talk I heard sometime the other year, I believe, and bares observations that give us insights into, precisely, commodization and the OFW phenomenon in contemporary Philippine children’s stories.

The other head that talks is Professor Junley Lazago, chair of the CAC Department of Language and Literature. His talk is “Pagsasalin Bilang Framework sa Pagutturo ng Panitikang Pambata,” a talk I have yet to catch. Because much as I wish to dash over to the UPB right now, my cramping thigh speaks and says, “Seriously? You think you’re 26? Like, seriously?” I shush my talking thigh, and Junley, sorry, but I can’t lug my cramping thigh and a hot water bottle all the way to the library, not today.

On the same vein, the same CAC and our National Commission for Culture and the Arts announce a call for a Cordillera creative Writing Workshop 2014. The workshop is open to first time writers of children’s literature who are at least 16 years old. To join, said writers have to submit three poems for children or one short story for children. The deadline for submissions is August 30 and the workshop itself will run from October 26-31. For details, call 444 8393.

On a different vein, Baguio citizens, we must unite and rid ourselves of a representative who has proven himself to be a happy member of the culture of impunity that we so despise. This “representative” surely does not represent us when he causes 731 trees in a forest reserve, and counting, to be cut, many of them saplings. But whether these be saplings or older trees, I join the hue and cry against such crimes against humanity.

There is a constitutional move we can resort to rid ourselves of this mis-representation. It’s called a recall. And we should get to it now.