TEAM Cebu City’s Loujie “Tippy” Tipgos and Jade Becaldo will pair up for the last leg of the Cebu City Sports Commission Beach Volleyball tournament at the Fort Sand Court in the Plaza Independencia playgrounds this Sunday.

Tipgos and Becaldo will be representing team Cebu City in the AVC tours beach volleyball tournament in HongKong this August and partnering in the tournament is considered by Tipgos as a huge thing as this will help them with their teamwork.

“Using the standard format in beach volleyball, which is by pair, it is more advantageous for everyone because we feel comfortable playing on the court with the player that we are already familiar with. It’s an opportunity for me and Becaldo to work on our teamwork,” said Tipgos.

Tipgos, a former standout of the University of San Jose Recoletos (USJ-R), won his second King of the Beach title last weekend.

Tipgos added that team Cebu City is hoping to get Mike Abria and Edmar Bonono to be part of the Philippine team that will compete for the AVC tours in Hongkong.

Abria is currently playing in the pro indoor volleyball league with Philippine Superliga All-Filipino Conference.