SANTO TOMAS - Police operatives, under the supervision of town police Chief John Clark, arrested three suspects in a buy-bust operation the other day at Barangay Moras Dela Paz for alleged possession of illegal drugs.

A police report here said that the operation resulted in the arrest of three male suspects identified as Eric Tiamzon, 43; Glenn Capili, 37; and Michael Naguit, 28, all residents of Dolores Crossing, 6th St. Looban in the City of San Fernando.

The arrest came after suspect Eric Tiamzon allegedly handed over one small heat sealed plastic sachet containing suspected shabu to a police poseur buyer in exchange of one P500 bill utilized as marked money.

A body search was conducted on the suspects who yielded three more small heat sealed transparent plastic sachets containing suspected shabu.

The Police report also said that they recovered four strips of folded aluminum foil, seven used lighters, one homemade water pipe (tooter) and the P500 bill that was used as mark money.

All suspects were apprised of their constitutional rights and they were brought to the Santo Tomas Police Station for investigation and inventory of all seized and confiscated pieces of evidence.