SHE started law school earlier this month, inching a step closer to fulfilling her childhood dream of having that hard-earned title next to her name.

It is only one of her many plans though, as she remains open to doing more along the way, whether it is creating her own start-up or volunteering in school organizations.

A role model to students everywhere, Rejzl Awit has shown that with the right pinch of determination, one can strive in academics and at the same time, excel in extracurricular activities.

Last April, she graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines Cebu College and received the GMA Network Excellence Award, which is given to graduates who have both scholastic achievements and exemplary related work in their respective fields.

As a mass communication major, Rejzl was the chairperson of the Communicators of UP and at the same time had started her own events management group. With the latter, she had organized events and socials for other schools as well as private parties.

It sounds hectic, but for Rejzl, over the years it was all about learning how to prioritize. She said, “I follow a daily schedule. Every night I would jot down in my planner my activities for the next few days. I try to finish my school works two days before the deadline, and I never cram.”

The experience disciplined her in time management, and more importantly helped her grow as a person by allowing her to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom.

“The process of organizing events made me a more mature individual,” she said.

“Although my parents have been very supportive, they made me solve problems on my own.”

Rejzl considers her dad as the one she looks up to, having instilled in her at a young age the values of hard work and perseverance. It was also him, she said, who encouraged her to study mass communication, which wasn’t her first choice, but where she later discovered her niche.

Revealing her plans ahead, she said, “My dad, aunt and I are planning to go into a business venture soon. I don’t really know what fate will throw at me in the next four years but I’m willing to grab every opportunity.”