TWELVE inmates in the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) were added to the number of measles-like cases inside the jail facility after they reported having fever, headache and red spots on their skin.

There were 43 inmates who were found to have measles-like symptoms.

The figure then dropped to 27.

Yesterday, CPDRC Warden Romeo Manansala said the number of cases went up and reached 39 inmates.

“Tungod ni sa atong facility. Closed kaayo nya tapok ang inmates (This is because of our facility. The area is closed and the inmates are crammed together),” Manansala said.


Manansala said there are 38 men and one woman who are placed in isolation and under the care of medical personnel.

He said it was last Saturday when some of the detainees complained of the same symptoms.

The officer said they were given medicines immediately.

There are four nurses and one doctor assigned in the CPDRC to attend to the 1,971 inmates.

Manansala said it started on June 9 when some of the detainees showed signs of measles.

He said the detainees who recovered are back in their detention cells and were given vitamins.

Not allowed

In a separate interview, the consultant on jail matters, Marco Toral, said they did not allow the relatives of the inmates suspected of measles to get inside during the supposed visit yesterday.

Toral said they already told the family members during the scheduled visits last Thursday and Saturday.

He said a strict inspection was done at the entrance to identify who among the visitors had fever.

Toral said they also did not allow children to come to CPDRC.

Only the families of healthy inmates were allowed to get inside the jail facility to pay a visit.