FOR someone who's got a pear shape body like me, it takes some research and tips in order to find the right fashion pieces that will enhance our figure, and to avoid becoming a fashion victim.

Unlike the hourglass shape that is considered as the perfect figure for women, thus, can carry almost all designs and cuts of clothes, the pear shape body type (bottom-heavy with wide hips and narrow shoulders) has to study which among the possible choices would fit them best.

In my own research, I bumped into the website wherein I got a number of helpful ideas on how to spot the best buys for the pear shape beauty. The following are my favorites because I find them the most practical to do:

1. Wide-leg pants for V-neck tops. If a pear shaped-woman is a fan of V-neck blouses and shirts, she must pair it with wide-leg pants or an A-line skirt in order to give an illusion of an hourglass shape. If you want a jacket to be paired with your bottoms, choose the one that's tight on the bust down to the waist then slowly flares over the hips (I guess this is what we call the peplum cut).

2. Wear artsy floral tops. To draw the attention of those people looking at you to your upper body, choose tops that have artsy designs. Through this way, you'll appear to have a well-proportioned shape.

3. Straight leg pants. The website suggests that pear shapes must "think beyond back" and opt for trousers that are straight-leg and in dark hue. This tip slims down the look of the bottom part of the body.

4. Flirty sleeves for dresses. Just like with artsy floral blouses, flirty cap sleeves balance out curvy hips. Admittedly, I'm not that confident with my hips because of the fact that they're really wide for my bust part. I guess, I must really put this tip in mind all the time.

5. Use pointy-toe shoes. Instead of always choosing ballet flats to finish your look, why not try those pointy-toe high heels? This type of shoes makes legs look longer and leaner. Another must-follow trick, huh!

6. Avoid low-rise jeans. Those with a fitted waist won't gape at the lower back. I'm sure, you've seen some ladies who have become victims of lower back exposure because of their wrong choice of jeans.

7. Emphasize the tiny waist. As women with pear shape bodies, you can always brag about noticeable tiny waists. Thus, look for classic coats with embellished belt so that those mid-sections get to be highlighted.

8. Accentuate with dangling earrings. If you really want those eyes to skip your lower body, wear dangling earrings so that their attention will be drawn to your pretty face.

Hope you find these tips useful and we're all going to roam around exuding the confidence that will surely make us stand out in the crowd just like Jennifer Lopez, one of the world's most famous personalities with a pear-shaped body.


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