IMAGINE your meal with popular Pinoy dishes, such as hinalang or kaldereta, after a tiring morning or afternoon at work -- it's a feast!

Everyday's a feast at Kakoy's Kambingan and Catering Services, pn Magallanes St. (beside City Hall Annex and at the back of Sangguniang Panlungsod building).

If you're craving for goat meat, Kakoy's is the best place for you.

Known to many, goat meat dishes are tasty. These are usually served on the bone and are best enjoyed by eating it with bare hands which actually makes it to taste better.

Pamela Librado, owner of Kakoy's, said kaldereta, adobo, kilawin, papaitan and sinampalukan are among their bestsellers.

Sinampalukang kambing is goat stew in tamarind soup. If you're into goat meat, this one's a refreshing dish that is unbelievably low in cholesterol.

Meanwhile, papaitan, also called pinapaitan, is an exotic soup dish with a bitter taste. Papaitan is derived from the Ilocano word "pait" or "napait" which means "bitter" or "bitter taste", respectively. There are many ways to produce the bitter taste in this dish like using the skin of the lemon fruit, juice of a bitter melon, bile of a fish, or coffee.

Also, kilawing kambing is a goat meat with skin and liver mixed with vinegar or kalamansi juice and other seasonings and spices. The authentic recipe of this dish involves goat's meat with skin, liver, red onion, citrus (calamansi) fruit juice or souring agent like vinegar, salt and pepper, and chilies like Philippine bird's eye pepper (siling labuyo), and with optional ingredients of brain and bile or bitter juice extracted from the bladder or by squishing the grass in the animals' stomach.

Young female goats have the best taste compared to the male ones.

PMany hace said the secret to serve good-tasting goat dish is choosing the best kind of goats.

Practically, if goat meat is tough, then it needs to be boiled fist to tenderize before mixing it with vinegar and other ingredients of the dish.

Librado said goat recipes have been their family's favorite dish. Hence, they decided to turn their favorite food into a business of their own.

Kakoy's Kambingan and Catering Services is open Mondays to Thursdays from 7am to 9pm and Fridays from 7am to 12pm. they are also open every Saturday from 10am to 12 noon.

For orders, call them at (082) 286-0757, 0932-7404-378 (sun), 0947-5293-226 (smart) and 0906-5325-063 (globe) and look for Mon or Pam.