A MULTI-awarded developer has once again made a milestone and whose achievements helped put this city in the map.

Mayor Oscar Moreno said that the presence of Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corp. (ITPI), the developer of Primavera Residences, has made a mark in Cagayan de Oro’s urban landscape.

Moreno who was guest of honor in Primavera Residences celebratory dinner on Saturday said that the investment of ITPI in locating its first eco-friendly condominium complex here is proof of the city’s potential as an investment hub.

Primavera Residences has recently been accorded the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines award in the 2014-2015 Asia Pacific Property Summit organized by the prestigious International Property Awards (IPA).

ITPI received the award in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The IPA is a global organization that recognizes excellence in property development around the world.

“With this achievement, Primavera Residences has once again put Cagayan de Oro [on] the map,” Moreno said.

ITPI said that one of the reasons why the company decided to locate outside Manila and chose Cagayan de Oro from all the cities considered is because of the strong support and encouragement of Mayor Moreno.

Dr. Jose P. Leviste Jr., ITPI chairman said that the area where Primavera Residences is located has a huge potential of becoming a bustling uptown , and that ITPI was never wrong in choosing Cagayan de Oro as an investment destination.

“We are fortunate to have been receiving strong support from the local government, particularly from Mayor Moreno, and all the stakeholders. And we are proud to say that they are our partners and strong allies in our advocacy on the sustainability of the environment,” Leviste said.

“Our recent achievement does not only recognize our project, but our partners and stakeholders as well. Without their support, we could not have won the award,” said ITPI CEO Arch. Romolo V. Nati.

Leviste said that ITPI’s award does not only help strengthen the company’s partnership with business organizations and financial institutions but also boost Cagayan de Oro’s position as an "emerging city of tomorrow" as recently declared by the United Nations.

“We want to share our victory with the people of Cagayan de Oro, because we believe they are an integral part of our success and together we can work hand-in-hand to help make the city an economic hub in Northern Mindanao," Leviste said.

Primavera Residences is a twin-tower, 10-storey mixed-use development located in uptown Cagayan de Oro. It offers residential, commercial and office spaces for lease and purchase.

In 2011, the property has been highly commended by the Southeast Asia Property Awards (SEAPA) as Best Condo Development in the Philippines.

ItalPinas gets 5-star award for best ‘mixed used development’ in PH

AFTER placing in the list of top ten most promising clean energy investment opportunities in the Philippines last year, Primavera Residences of ItalPinas Euro-Asian Development Corporation gets the spotlight again in the recently held Asia Pacific Property Awards on May 9, 2014 at the Shangri-la Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Uptown CdeO’s Primavera Residences wins a grand 5 star award for best mixed-used development in the Philippines for this year.

The 10-storey residential and commercial building gets a ‘highly recommended’ guarantee by Asia Pacific’s premier developers, architects, interior designers, and real estate agents.

Each 5 star winner in the 47 categories will go forward to represent the Asia Pacific Region in the 2014 International Awards, with winners having a mark of excellence in their work, which is what Primavera Residences aim to be known for.

Primavera Residences dedicates award to their partners Hon. Mayor Oscar Moreno along with bankers, brokers, local government units revel the recent recognition given to Italpinas in a celebration dinner with guests and partners gracing the event.

As guests wonder why ItalPinas chose the city, Dr. Jose Leviste, Jr., non-executive chairman of ITPI and Arch. Romulo Nati, CEO of ITPI, explains how they fell in love with the city, and they see a lot of withheld potential specifically in the uptown area since downtown CdeO is already being taken care of.

According to Primavera, the five reasons to celebrate the award is because of its clients, friends and partners, the Kagay-anons who helped and supported ItalPinas’ advocacies.

Cagayan de Oro’s people and neighboring cities strengthens Primavera as the position of it being a world class city, a center of economy and entry point of commodities in the coming years.

Investors have proven that property value and quality is at its best in the 10 floors of Primavera.

Partners in the real estate are now finally eyeing sustainable projects more in its pursuit to offer eco-friendly, energy efficient and affordable homes to the people.

And the stakeholders who support ItalPinas with the same dream, which is to build a better and more green earth through the leading the right lifestyle designed to adapt to the changing world.

All that starts in this city.

The success of ItalPinas in investing in Cagayan de Oro started as a huge leap of faith for founders Arch. Nati, Dr. Leviste, Jr. and Atty. Leviste III.