TO help promote paddle-boarding in the country, Bradley Ross Rayner will paddle from Tagbilaran to the South Reclamation Properties (SRP) this week, covering almost 77 kilometers in 10 hours.

“I am doing this as self-fulfillment and a way to promote paddling in the country. To prove that it’s more fun paddling rather than ride a motorized watercraft,” said Rayner, 26, who won the first six-kilometer Stand-up Paddle Race in Bohol.

He said he also wants to help Budlong in promoting SUP races in the country and duplicate the famous annual Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) race in Hawaii, the toughest ocean race in the world.

Rayner said he will have a six-man support crew for his crossing.

“One can pause in the middle of the sea and just simply enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding us,” said Rayner.

Rayner grew up near the sea and has joined several water sports. He is also into surfing but is not keen on joining surfing competitions in Siargao.

“Our house is just a few meters away from the sea in Bohol. The water sport that I fell in love with was surfing but I am not into competition, just for fun. It was in SUP that I got interested to compete and fortunately I won the first SUP race,” said Rayner.