BANGUED, Abra -- the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the province once again warned the public from text messages they receive from unknown sources informing them of their alleged winnings of big amounts in cash or in kind.

"Do not believe in text messages that you receive from ordinary cellphone numbers and never give out any amount in cash or in kind to anyone or to any bank account that your texter is demanding from you," DTI-Abra Provincial Director Arell Banez said.

Another mode of deception using text messages is by introducing themselves as relative from abroad. In the outset, they would simply ask a victim about your current condition, and later on, would ask you to send them a load.

"Beware of this modus operandi and do not allow yourselves to be taken advantage of," Banez said.

The moment you receive such kind of text messages from suspicious sources, immediately visit or call the DTI and inquire if such is legitimate or not, advised Banez.

On the other hand, vehicles and electrical appliances and electronic gadgets need repair are advised to go to DTI-accredited establishments to ensure that they have adequate and appropriate tools needed in the repair of said properties. Only qualified mechanics and servicemen have fire insurance, the DTI informed. (Maria Teresa Benas)