... THE NATIONAL HISTORICAL INSTITUTE (NHI) readily approved the request for the transfer of the 40-foot brass statue from Agrifina Circle at the Rizal Park in Mnila.

Did you know why? From the start, in 2014 when it was proposed to be erected there, NHI expressed the opinion that Lapu-Lapu’s statue “would desecrate the place” as the park is “consecrated to the heroes, both known and unknown, who died there.”

Lapu-Lapu was “merely a hero of Mactan,” according to NHI, which House Bill 1470, filed by Rep. Raul del Mar of Cebu City north, explicitly mentioned. When then president Gloria Arroyo signed it into law, she must have been aware of NHI’s opposition and apparently disagreed it about Lapu-Lapu’s stature.

If the Lapu-Lapu City mayor, like NHI, thinks Lapu-Lapu is just a local hero, then she might be right in seeking the removal of the statue from Rizal Park, a City Hall watcher says.

... KRIS AQUINO said she truly loves Quezon City

Mayor and former movie star Herbert Bautista but love is not “never having to say you’re sorry,” ala “Love Story.” Kris said “true love is graciously letting go.”

In a segment of the TV show “The Buzz,” the president’s sister said Herbert promised a return after he would’ve fixed things and himself. That might no longer come come after Bautista’s June 6 interview on “Bandila.”

Kris may be as fickle as many celebrities can get, but one can always expect from her

as a showbiz person that, despite avowals of privacy, she never lets a personal experience go until she has squeezed it dry for public consumption.

Maybe that’s one of the things Herbert and family dread from a relationship with Kris.

... LOCAL NURSING SCHOOLS’ RECORD in board exams is a fine gauge of the school’s performance in choosing where to send one’s children for a nursing education.

Cebu’s Velez College and Cebu Normal University have excellent track records and results in the last nursing board exams reenforce them.

CNU’s Bernard Von Kyle Rafols shares third place with bets from University of Sto.

Tomas and Adventist University of the Philippines, with the rating of 85.20%. Velez College’s Allyson Gaile Nidoy Saplad occupies No. 8 slot with six bets from other schools.

... TALK ABOUT ‘BIGGER PIE, BIGGER SLICE’ is not about food but the share of local governments in internal revenue allotments.

Sen. Koko Pimentel is proposing a new formula that, he says, will give LGUs more equitable and larger cuts in the taxes collected and remitted to the national government.

If his dad, ex-senator Aquilino Pimentel, was the “father” of local governments, what would Koko’s new thrust for LGUs make the young senator?