VICE Gov. Agnes Magpale proposed an ordinance declaring the first week of October as the Anti-Child Abuse Tourism Week.

In the resolution attached to the ordinance, Magpale, vice chairperson of the Provincial Council for the Welfare of Children, said sexual abuse and exploitation of children exist in different forms.

The resolution and ordinance were co-sponsored by Provincial Board (PB) Member Peter John Calderon.

“While an increase in tourist arrivals in Cebu greatly helps contribute to the growth of local economy, child sex tourism can never be an acceptable alternative pleasure for tourists,” said a part of the resolution.

Magpale said October is the most suitable time to celebrate the Anti-Child Abuse Tourism Week since Children’s Month is also celebrated in the same month.

The proposed ordinance was referred to the committee on women, family and minor during the PB session yesterday.

“The objective of this ordinance is to raise community awareness on the evils of child sex tourism, and to encourage the active involvement and participation of all sectors in the community for vigilance, protection and prevention against any and all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse of children,” the ordinance read.

Once the ordinance is approved, municipalities and component cities are enjoined to conduct their own programs, projects and activities in observance of the celebration.

A week ago, a 50-year-old Australian national was arrested inside his rented room in Cordova Home Village in Barangay Cansubing in Cordova, Cebu for allegedly recruiting minors for online pornography.