‘No place’ for Pilipino in the curriculum

A CEBUANO lawyer opposes the plan of the Commission on Higher Education (Ched) to use Pilipino as a medium of instruction for nine units of general education (GE) courses.

Atty. Vincent Isles formally submitted his position paper to Ched during a public hearing with higher education institutions (HEIs) from Regions 6, 7 and 8 in Cebu City yesterday morning.

In his position paper, Isles pointed that the Ched’s proposal to impose a medium of instruction violates academic freedom, as enshrined in the 1987 Constitution.

Ched is required to guarantee colleges and universities academic freedom based on Section 13 of Republic Act 7722, also known as the Higher Education Act.


Isles identified himself as a member of the Provincial Commission on the Cebuano Language.

During the public hearing, Ched presented seven proposals centered on the medium of instruction and on adding Pilipino subjects to core courses.

On the medium of instruction, Ched presented three options: teach at least nine GE units in Pilipino; teach at least 12 units of GE core courses in Pilipino, in addition to the Rizal course; or allow HEIs to decide whether to teach in English or Pilipino.

On adding Pilipino subjects to core courses, the Ched offered four options: add three units of Pilipino subject on language, culture and Pilipino identity as a GE core course; teach Purposive Communication with three units in English and three units in Pilipino, or a total of six units; add nine units of Pilipino subjects as GE core courses; or not add Filipino subjects to the GE core courses.


Some participants said that while they have no problem including Pilipino subjects in the GE curriculum, they support the proposal to allow HEIs to have the freedom to teach subjects in English or Pilipino.

However, there were some participants who felt the proposed measure is contrary to the K to 12 program’s “mother tongue-based teaching.”

Jesse Baring said giving HEIs the option to teach in Pilipino or English isn’t practical, especially for those in non-Tagalog-speaking areas.

Dr. Maria Cristina Padolina, member of Ched’s Technical Panel for General Education, said they will consider all their inputs.


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