“DAVAO… the biggest city in the world is actually the biggest city in the woods.” This is what I learned from a ranch owner whose business is cattle raising. Since I am from Cebu where everything is so close together, I am amazed at the huge span of land space that has yet to be developed. However, I am more amazed at how Davaoeños keep their city very clean despite its economic activity after being dormant in the 1970s.

I wish Cebuanos could have the same discipline instead of complaining when the city streets are flooded caused by indiscriminate disposal of their trash.

During my stay in Davao, I got an idea how some of the residents reacted to the campaign by supporters calling for Duterte’s bid for the presidency in the 2016 elections. They are very supportive and confident indeed that he will deliver the same brand of leadership as he has manifested for several years as mayor of Davao. His constituents are very proud of their mayor. Some residents claim Duterte has a clean slate. According to some of the residents I interviewed, Duterte has not enriched himself as the city’s elected official.

Davaoeños are waiting anxiously, although patiently, for Duterte’s final political decision especially in the aftermath of Sen. Bongbong Marcos’ declaration to be Duterte’s running mate in his bid for vice-presidency.

In a candid conversation with the residents here amid the political atmosphere developing in the country, they said they would have preferred that Duterte had a different running mate as the Marcos name seems to have a stigma due to the 20 years of Martial law.

The Mar Roxas tandem is now complete with the announcement of Rep. Leni Robredo to be the running mate of the Department of Interior and Local Governement secretary. Sen. Grace Poe has Sen. Chiz Escudero. Vice president Jejomar Binay has Sen. Gringo Honasan.

According to a taxi driver, Binay’s TV ad is an old trick if not gimmick. “The voters now are smarter than Binay thought,” he added.