BASKETBALL is a tough game, where figuring out how to react to situations intellectually is the key to winning the game. It concerns a set of complex offensive and defensive plays, as a result of a holomorphic function of a team defined in the playing court where opposing players are restricted in an arc which tends like a boundary.

Basketball as intense as it is a game where opposing players must be mentally and physically prepared. It is played with skill and talent to keep the ball in a team’s possession by its players. It also concerns a set of numbers indicating the scores, personal and team fouls, and time considering a 24 sec and 14 second shot-clock, and game time that determine statistics, limit or end of a game.

In the basketball context, considering all its components, both coaches and players are always caught in between the complexities of their own thinking and the intellectual insufficiencies of the rules of the game as interpreted and applied, which sometimes create misunderstandings between the performers and officials.

Basketball is a tough, sometimes a physically rough game that there is so much extempore’ learning and development needed, where performers have to figure out how to react instantly to given situations which is a key to winning a game.

Knees knocking on a fast pace game, performers must cope up with their opponents offensively or defensively to dictate the pace of the game. It is here where players should “speak their minds” and act in response of and to be able to gain advantage of any situation in favour of the team.

The lopsided trading of two or three pointers, steals and assists etc. must also be aided by a good defensive play, every game of basketball should be played as a team effort, the partnership of players and coach is a vital part of a team’s success. The coach-player relationships should also be fostered so their physical and mental strength be brought to bear, value and character, and the best thing is they should know how and be able to take criticisms.

Taking criticisms is simply knowing what is incomplete so it might be finished, if these should be mustered by both coach and players, then they can arrive in the game, in a rush, as one team.