WITH the Mindanao Rural Development Program (MRDP) expected to end this year, local government units and private contractors are urged to fast track the completion of rural infrastructure (RI) subprojects by end of August.

During the recent coordination meeting by MRDP's program support office (PSO) and the Department of Agriculture (DA) regional offices recently, LGUs and contractors are urged to submit a letter of commitment that will ensure the completion of their respective subprojects by the agreed target date.

As of July 15, the physical accomplishment of MRDP RI subprojects is at 95.5 percent with a total cost of P3.2 billion.

“We are also currently assessing subprojects that cannot be completed by end of August and recommend it for termination,” said MRDP program director Lealyn Ramos.

She said that all LGUs with subprojects that are still ongoing must submit to MRDP a letter of commitment that they will finish the project together with a signed Statement of Work Accomplished (SWA) as of June 30 this year.

“Accomplishments on works undertaken from end of June to end of August will not be eligible for funding or payment if the concerned subproject will not be completed by end of August,” Ramos added.

By September 2014, the World Bank will review the implementation of all RI subprojects. MRDP is jointly funded by the World Bank, national government and LGUs.

MRDP also urged LGUs to submit remaining financial documents for physically completed subprojects. As of June 30, a total of 55 RI subprojects are still ongoing, 23 of which are above 90 percent completed.

As of July 15, MRDP has completed 1,000 kilometers of farm-to-market roads with a total amount of P2.5 billion, 636 linear meters of bridges totaling P207 million, P170-million worth of communal irrigation systems covering 2,902 has.

The Program has installed 51 units of potable water systems with a cost of P260 million and P24-million worth other infra projects consisting of pre and postharvest facilities.

Meanwhile, MRDP’s Community Fund for Agricultural Development (CFAD) has posted 92 percent completion from the total of 3,580 livelihood subprojects completed costing P1.1 billion.

By end of August, remaining CFAD subprojects for implementation are expected to be completed.

CFAD subprojects under the additional P125 million realigned fund are expected to be completed by September 2014.

Sustainability planning for LGUs, geotagging and strengthening of community-based monitoring groups will continue until end of project.

Also nearing completion are subprojects under MRDP’s Natural Resource Management (NRM) component with 94 percent physical accomplishment.

Around 85 NRM subprojects have been completed with a total of P134 million. These include agroforestry, riverbank stabilization, fish sanctuary management and mangrove rehabilitation subprojects.