FORMER Baguio City Councilor Jose Molintas is urging Baguio Representative Nicasio Aliping to take a leave from the Liberal Party in a bid to protect what the organization stands for.

Molintas said the congressman, in the light of his current cases involving his Mt. Sto Tomas property, should take a leave from the Liberal Party.

"The party is being affected in the case, how will it look if our chairman is being dragged into the case?" said Molintas.

Molintas said the Liberals have conceded in recognizing Aliping as the chairman of the LP despite nagging questions on his membership as well as anti-dated letter of appointment from the leadership of the party.

The one term councilor said the meeting called by Aliping last week successfully divided the group and exposed his political immaturity adding the solon allegedly "refused to listen; he is not a politically mature person."

A manifesto is now being drafted to ask the national leadership of the LP to look into the situation of the local chapter in the light of the cases filed against the congressman who has adversely affected the party.

The manifesto also informed the LP body the appointment of Aliping as chairman was not done in consultation with members.

Molintas said he hopes the LP leadership considers the situation of the organization in the highlands and pushes them to take action, otherwise a resignation of members might ensue.

Molintas said, during the meeting, Aliping had only two points in his agenda, first was presenting papers to his appointment as chair of the LP from top ranks in Manila and the nomination of the replacement of former councilor and now vice mayor Edison Bilog position in the council.

Molintas said Aliping allegedly started raising his voice and turned the meeting into a debate.

"Sinisigawan na niya ang mga tao, and he is still an alien to the body," Molintas said.

Molintas explained Aliping’s demeanor is what pushed him to "remind him of what a leader is and how the cases against him is hurting the party.”

Molintas, although endorsed by the NPC for his mayoralty bid in the 2013 local elections is a member of the Liberal Party.

NPC and LP formed a local during the last election in a bid to strengthen their chances of winning top positions in the city.

Molintas clarified his endorsement by the NPC stemmed from the planned candidacy of party mate Del Claravall, which was still unclear to the last minute and had he not filed his candidacy, the party would not have a running mate for their congressional bet Mark Go.

Claravall eventually decided to forgo his candidacy, leaving the mayoralty seat for the LP vacant, pushing Molintas to be the coalition's standard bearer with Go.

"If Claravall decided to run [for mayor] I would have stepped down," Molitas clarified.

Molintas said the issue was again brought out by Councilor Leandro Yangot during the LP meeting, a topic which has been resolved within the ranks of the coalition.

"I would like to clarify this, because it has been again brought out, which should have been laid to rest already," Molintas continued.

Molintas said during the meeting, it was resolved to endorse Go as the official choice of the party to fill the position in the city council which was left vacant by Bilog took over as vice mayor, after the untimely death of Daniel Fariñas.

But Molintas said it seemed Aliping had other persons in mind outside the party.

"Why would you endorse someone who is not an LP member,” Molintas questioned.

Molintas said Aliping wanted to adjourn the meeting but none of the members wanted to end the gathering without the official endorsement of the LP for the vacant city council position.

It was reported Aliping walked out of the meeting, but members appointed councilor Faustino Olowan to preside, after Aliping left and proceeded with the endorsement of Go, which was approved by the entire body.

The decision of the LP during the meeting as well as the minutes of the meeting has likewise been transmitted to the palace.