MADE in Davao for Davao and the world. T'nalak Home in Abreeza Mall is the flagship store of the locally designed and handcrafted from abaca fibers. The T'nalak has evolved its use from apparel fabric into various forms of objet d'art and found its way into the homes of many, editorial pages of local and international glossies, in the show windows of a renowned apparel brand, and sold in exclusive boutiques globally.

Since the opening of T'nalak Home, no longer are the award-winning products of Tadeco Livelihood for the exclusive viewing of the buyers in the local and international trade expositions. At T'nalak Home, the new collections of each season are immediately put on display for everyone to check out, order or purchase.

To further showcase the Dabawenyo ingenuity in designs of the T'nalak, T'nalak Home "dressd up" Seda Hotel for the Kadayawan festival season. Infused into the contemporary look of Seda are the Davao-made modern and functional decors available at T'nalak Home. The display gives a straightforward view of the versatility of abaca-made home accessories, and how it can perfectly complement a modern setting, not only the traditional Filipino interior design scheme.

Visit T'nalak Home at the second level of Abreeza Mall (with telephone number 321-4379) to check out the exquisitely handcrafted pieces proudly made in Davao. Don't you think it's time to add a touch of Davao in your home?

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