2 more victims to file raps vs online scammer

TWO more victims have identified the suspect that the region’s Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG-10) had arrested last week for allegedly committing an online fraud as the same person who reportedly swindled them, an ACG-10 official told this paper Monday.

Just last week, ACG-10 agents handcuffed Jaysone Delfin Fabre, 31, for allegedly scamming Deisi Jean Vale who applied to a job hiring posted on a website.

According to Inspector Janice Peniola, ACG-10 deputy chief, Fabre, who claimed he was connected with the company that posted the job hiring, got in touch with Vale for a meet-up.

During the meet-up, Fabre allegedly borrowed Vale’s touch-screen cellphone and was never seen again.

He was only arrested when one of Vale’s friends, who posed as an applicant, lured the suspect into coming out to meet her.

Contacting and meeting his victims in person was said Fabre’s way of allegedly scamming innocent individuals, said Peniola.

She said the two complainants who came to the ACG-10 were allegedly victimized by Fabre. This time Fabre posed as a potential buyer of electronic products that are sold online.

Peniola said ACG-10 could not divulge the identities of the victims for now, as they have not yet executed their affidavits.

The first complainant, she said, was a 24-year-old female from Barangay Camaman-an, who posted for sale her Samsung S4 cellphone at a website where goods are sold, last May this year. The gadget was priced at P15,000.

Fabre, Peniola said, communicated with the victim and asked to meet her at a hospital in Camaman-an, so he could have a look at the item for sale.

u201cThe victim was impressed with the suspect. He was decent-looking and so professional in his manner that he could hardly be mistaken for a scammer. She admitted she was hypnotized by him,” Peniola told Sun*Star Cagayan de Oro Monday.

It was at that point that Fabre “borrowed” the cellphone telling the victim that he will bring it to the room of a friend who’s working as a nurse at said hospital, so he could charge it.

The suspect walked briskly and as she followed where Fabre went, the victim entered the room and found it empty. Near the room was an exit of the hospital.

The second victim was also a female, aged 26, and living near a university in Corrales Avenue.

Peniola said this complainant also posted for sale an iPad on a well-known trading online site where goods are bought and sold. It was priced at around P14,000.

Like what he did to the previous victim, Fabre also got in touch with the seller and asked her for a meet-up in another medical facility.

This time, Peniola said, the suspect introduced himself as a seminarian, who told the victim a priest wanted to buy the iPad.

Fabre also used the same method of getting the item by charging it at the room of his doctor-friend.

Like what happened in Maria Reyna, the room where the suspect entered was near the hospital’s exit.

On both occasions, the suspects got away taking the gadgets of the victims not knowing what hit them.

But, Peniola said, the suspect was identified by the victims when they saw him during his detention at the ACG-10 facility.

Meanwhile, Peniola said, Fabre is now detained the city jail in Barangay Lumbia awaiting for his arraignment.

She said Fabre is facing three charges for the previous offense he allegedly committed, namely, theft with recommended bail of P20,000; violation of section 11, paragraph 2 of RA 9165 (possession of the illegal substance), or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, with bail at P200,000; and violation of section 12 paragraph 2 of RA 9165 (possession of illegal drug paraphernalia), with bail at P40,000.

Peniola said the fourth offense, violation of section 4 (b) or RA 10175, or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, is “recommended to have more supplemental affidavits from [ACG-10].”

She said RA 10175 has been used as basis for a separate charge since the suspect used the internet and cellphone to allegedly commit the act.

Peniola added they are still gathering additional evidence and conducting further investigation to strengthen their evidence in the RA 10175 case.

She said three more persons who alleged they were victimized by Fabre are expected to come forward and possibly file appropriate charges against the suspect.


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