EVERYTIME I HEAR the song September morn over the radio, I cannot help to be aroused by the Christmas spirit, since most people feel the same way I presume.

September, after all, ushers in the "ber" months, into the last quarter of the year, as we prepare for the closing of books, winding up affairs and closing the chapter for 2014.

September is also my birth month and I am thankful I lasted this far and long after I suffered two strokes: one in June 2012 and another in June this year. I am curious as to the timing of these ailments. They came three months before my birthday. Whatever, I consider my survival as bonus and every day of my existence is a challenge.

I just hope the year 2015 would be friendlier and trouble-free. My weak physical constitution may not handle too much exertion. Stress taxes the body and drains its energy, causing inconvenience and a series of treatment, if not confinement. Medical costs pile up. Productivity is hampered and the quality of work is compromised.

* * *

Today, Mabalacat City Mayor Marino "Boking" Morales will deliver his State of the City Address at 2 pm at the event center of SM Clark.

The event, directed by Noel Tulabut, the technical director of every big Mabalacat happenings, will complement the speech with visuals of accomplishments for the year.

In a memorandum to all department heads and heads of offices, City Administrator Rosan S. Paquia enjoined all officials and employees of the city government to attend the important event. Skeletal work forces, however are instructed to continue dispensing public service.

Barangay officials, community leaders and the academe are also expected to attend.

* * *

Prominent businessman Dennis Anthony Uy does his city proud by contributing innovative ideas to make Angeles City government technology efficient.

He vowed to make this city a laboratory in developing it into a "smart city" which is technology-driven in the field of revenue and tax collection, traffic management, crime prevention and others. Can Mabalacat City be far behind?

He puts to good use his company resources to provide improvements for the City.