I MAY disagree a lot with how the Cesafi is run or its policies, but it doesn't mean that I won't give credit when it is due. And it is rightfully due to the men and women behind the basketball tournament, which culminated with SWU winning the 2014 title over USC in Game 5.

Take a bow, ladies and gentlemen, for what transpired this year means next year, and the succeeding years could be a series of "this is the best season yet."

The jampacked crowd at the Cebu Coliseum was treated to quite a lopsided show, with SWU running uncontested this season. But that’s not what makes this season better than

the previous editions.

Comissioner Felix Tiukinhoy was there, and though I may disagree with some of his policies, there is no question about the commish’s hands-on approach in the league, walking over to help diffuse the tension when the two coaches got carried away.

Those who were away from the Coliseum got to watch the games live too, and had two options—over the Internet through our website's livestreaming and over free TV since TV 5 carried the last two games live.

During my first vacation to Cebu as a high schooler, I was treated to a packed crowd watching the University of the Visayas and SWU play and my cousins told me then, “Basta UV ug SWU magdula, halin gyud.”

Years later, the interest in the college scene in areas outside of Metro Cebu is still strong, judging from how many times I get asked about the Lancers, Cobras or Warriors whenever I go on vacation.

And by airing the games on TV, Cesafi has finally tapped that rich market. This partnership is something that should continue forever and of course, the livestreaming too as interest from abroad on Cesafi is growing.

It couldn't come at a perfect time. Consider this, after UV won the first nine titles and the University of Cebu got the next two, there has been no repeat champions in Cesafi basketball in four years—and that speaks of the quality of the tournament.

And one more thing, all previous four series went the full five games—UC won over SWU in five in 2011, SWU won in five over UV in 2012, UV won in five over SWU in 2013 and of course this year.

With UV and USC regrouping and SWU still solid, and schools like UC and USJ-R improving their lineups, 2015 could be the best, yet!

Plus the TV coverage? The league is entering a new era. See you all next year.