A HEADLESS body of a man was found in a hole near a pond in Barangay Biga, Toledo City yesterday morning. His sex organ was also cut.

Police have yet to identify the man.

Supt. Ricky Delilis of the Toledo City Police said the body is that of a man in his 30s based on his build. The body is 5’2” and has a snake tattoo in the chest.

The body had no clothes on and found dumped in a hole near a fishpond.

Delilis said the body was found at 7 a.m. yesterday by Paul Bersaga in Sitio Makatol, Barangay Biga, which is located in a mountain part of Toledo City.

The incident was reported to Das Police Precinct Station 1, a police sub-station in Toledo City.

Delilis said the victim may have been killed yesterday dawn in another area and dumped in Barangay Biga.

Bersaga was reportedly walking along the area when he noticed traces of blood on the grass. Bersaga said he also noticed a foul smell. He traced the smell to the hole three feet deep.

There are no witnesses in the incident. There are no houses near the scene.

PO3 Alfredo Barkin said, “Whoever is the culprit could have born deep grudges against the victim or he wouldn’t have killed him in such a brutal manner.”

Barkin said the victim also sustained stab wounds. His stomach was also lacerated that his intestines spilled out.

As of yesterday, police had not yet identified the victim. Nobody also claimed the body.

Police still have to locate the head to help them identify the victim.