PORAC -- Local officials here led by Mayor Condralito dela Cruz led the opening on Monday of the Mother Bles Birthing Clinic that was made possible through the almost P2.5-million support of the Department of Health.

The event was attended by Governor Lilia Pineda's chief of staff Fritzie David-Dizon, former Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla for Kapansanan ng Kawarayan at Kakurian Foundation, which will operate the clinic, and DOH Regional Director Leonita Gorgolon.

The birthing clinic is located inside Porac Model Community, a resettlement area for families who were affected by the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in Barangay Pio.

Dela Cruz said the facility is the only Philhealth-accredited birthing clinic in Porac which means that members would be able to avail of free services of the facility.

He stressed that the presence of the clinic is an addition to the health services of the town. Those who are not members of Philhealth need only to become members to avail of the services.

"This means that pregnant women would no longer need to travel in case of emergencies. They can now avail of checkups and services of the facility," Dela Cruz said.

David-Dizon welcomed the establishment of the new facility, adding that it would be a great addition to the many services provided for locals.

She added that the governor had already improved the services and facilities of the local district hospital here.

The presence of a birthing clinic, she said, would be of a complementary role for the facility.

"The more facilities offering medical services for our people are more than welcome," David-Dizon added.

She said that the facility will be managed by Kakak Foundation to ensure that it is sustainable and professionally managed.

Petilla said that their foundation serves as the non-profit private partner that manages the general requirements of all birthing clinics including PhilHealth accreditation and marketing.

All clinics are under the supervision of the chief operating officer of KaKaK, Sr. Eloisa L. David, OSB.

Clinic operations are directly under the midwives and as much as possible coordinated with the LGU as part of the women health team from case solicitation to post natal care and referrals.

All accreditation are processed by the administrative support staff including supplies and logistics.

Pregnant women are also enrolled in the indigent sponsored program of the LGU with PhilHealth; this ensures full Maternal Care Program (MCP) coverage for mothers eligible under PhilHealth’s MCP.

The program is funded mostly from PhilHealth’s MCP reimbursements; it is dependent on PhilHealth’s enrolment at the clinic’s area of operation.

There are currently some 30 such clinics under the operation of KAKAK Foundation all over the Philippines.