Tinabu-ay Festival of Murcia

MURCIA’S annual Tinabu-ay Festival has transformed from a celebration of good harvest to a celebration of life and its people’s achievements.

Now on its 18th year, the municipal government has prepared exciting and significant activities starting Nov. 28 until the culmination on Dec. 28, in time for Mama Mary’s birthday.

Here are some of the activities of the 2014 Tinabu-ay Festival of Murcia:

Amazing Race

Thirteen teams representing municipal leaders, barangay captains, school leaders, health workers, jeepney drivers and operators, market vendors, gays association, treasurer’s officers, farmers organization, KALAHI workers, among others, will compete in the first-ever Murcia Amazing Race Champion.

A 10-leg race will test the endurance of the teams in different physical, artistic and leadership challenges. A first of its kind in Murcia, it will involve all sectors of the town. It will kick off at the Tinabu-ay Market and will feature obstacle courses at the public plaza, cemetery and schools.

Tattoo and Music Festival

A tattoo and music festival courtesy of Pasakalye, a local organization of artists and band enthusiasts, will feature the art works of tattoo artists in Western Visayas with Murciahanons as tattoo models. Tattoo artists will compete in white and grey and colored competitions. Audience will surely be treated to an artistic presentation of tattooing. Mayor Andrew Montelibano said he may undergo the ceremonial tattoo to kick off the activity.

Interactive Displays

Murcia will display the accomplishments of its people, local government unit and its campaign as among the “Cradle of Negros Civilizations.”

An audio-visual presentation will also be played to entice passers-by to visit the charming Murcia town. A gigantic picture booth will also be set up to invite people to stop, and take home a piece of Murcia.

Joining the occasion is Vice President Jejomar Binay who will lead the mass wedding ceremonies. Binay is also an honored guest at the ceremonial laying of time capsule at Brgy. Cansilayan. In the area, a teachers and employees village is soon to rise.

u201cTinabu-ay” simply means a convergence of people and their products. Every Sunday at Murcia, people converge at the public market and buy the products of the locals. With this, they spark so much hope in the hearts of our local farmers to feed their kids and send them to school.

Indeed, Tinabu-ay Festival is a time of the year that townsfolk not only celebrate good harvest, much more; it is a celebration of a hopeful life beyond the usual market days every weekend.


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