THE Department of Energy (DOE) urged Tuesday all stakeholders to render support and assistance in safeguarding power facilities from any obstructions that would affect the continuous supply of electricity to all households and establishments.

"We appeal particularly to the local government units and land owners to cooperate with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), the concessionaire of the national transmission lines, in resolving the transmission issues on right of way and easements," said DOE OIC-Secretary Zenaida Monsada.

The NGCP reported that landowners in various areas refused to allow their crew members to enter their premises to clear fallen trees and vegetation that pose a threat to the safe and reliable operation of the power lines.

The private firm also reported its difficulty in seeking permission to cut trees under transmission lines that eventually cause trippings of lines.

The recent occurrence is a sustained tripping of the Agus 2-Kibawe Line 1 which is caused by a fallen tree cutting the NGCP line conductors. This, as NGCP reported, may result to the isolation of the Agus Units 1 and 2 that are connected to the affected lines.

“To prevent unwarranted power supply disruptions and avoid power-related incidents to occur, distribution utilities and NGCP should be given right to access or traverse designated area of the real property to ensure that potential hazards are proactively managed before they encroached on the power lines,” Monsada stressed. (SDR/Sunnex)