A VILLAGE chief in Toledo City, Cebu died after he was allegedly shot by a civilian guard while traveling yesterday morning on the national highway in Barangay Ilihan.

Cambang-ug Barangay Captain Timoteo Largo, 65, died in a ditch where his suspected attacker, Dionesio Juarez, gunned him down at 9:30 a.m.

Supt. Ricky Delelis, head of Toledo City Police Station, said Largo's live-in partner identified Juarez as the alleged assailant.

Police are looking for Juarez, a member of Civil Service Unit (CSU) of the Toledo City Hall and a police asset.

Disederio Pacris of Aloguinsan town was driving his motorcycle and got shot in the chest. He was reportedly mistaken as Largo's companion.

Delelis told Sun.Star Cebu that they are looking into two angles on the motive of the attack.

One was that Juarez got irked that Largo refused to accept payment to support his alleged illegal drug business. The other angle was that Juarez allegedly got angry that Largo did not allow him to participate in the sand and gravel business in Cambang-ug, which is being controlled by the barangay captain’s family.


Largo was driving his black Ford Everest sports utility vehicle (SUV) after dropping off his children at their school. His 24-year-old live-in partner who asked not to be named said a red multicab waylaid them in Sitio Cabulihan.

Largo disembarked from his vehicle and told Juarez: “Istoryahan nato ni, Pre (Let’s talk about this).”

Largo’s lover said that the barangay official and Juarez called each other “kumpare” because they both served as principal sponsors in a wedding.

But Juarez allegedly aimed an M16 rifle and fired at Largo. Largo ran and tried to hide behind the SUV but Juarez followed him.

The village official tried to run farther but he got hit upon reaching a sari-sari store and fell into a ditch. The suspect allegedly fled right after.

Teresita Sombelon, 53, pointed out three bullet holes in her store.

Also shot

She said she was preparing breakfast in her kitchen when she heard gunfire.

“Giingnan pa nako ang suspek nganong iyang gipusil pero wala siya nitubag (I as asked the suspect why he shot the other man but he didn’t answer),” Sombelon told Sun.Star Cebu.

Pacris happened to be passing by. When he pulled over to check, Juarez allegedly shot him.

The two victims were rushed to Toledo City District Hospital, but Largo didn't make it alive. Pacris was transferred to a hospital in Cebu City.

The Toledo City Police searched for Juarez but as of yesterday, the suspect remained at large.

Delelis said that Juarez may be hiding in the jungle of Cambang-ug, which is familiar to him being a former member of Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit.

Law enforcers found the multicab, with plate number 7LL-604, that Juarez allegedly used near a river in Sitio Panog, Barangay Cambang-ug.


Juarez’s identification cards as Toledo City CSU member and police asset were in the vehicle.

The police also found 10 empty shells of an M16 rifle and two deformed slugs of a .45 pistol in Sitio Cabulihan, Barangay Ilihan.

Largo’s live-in partner told Sun.Star Cebu that the barangay official received death threats from the suspect and reported these to the police.

“Wa kuno siya kabaw nganong hulgaon siya nga wala man siyay gibuhat nga dautan (He didn’t know why the suspect threatened him because he didn’t do anything bad),” the woman said. She denied that Largo was involved in the sand and gravel business in the village.

SPO3 Henry Acosta, chief investigator of the Toledo City Police Station, said Juarez was charged for the Dec. 23, 2003 robbery of acting Toledo City treasurer Eleuteria Alvez. Alvez’s driver Rodolfo Ferolino was killed during the incident but the court acquitted Juarez.

Acosta also said Juarez was arrested for illegal possession of firearm.